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Wildlife Packages

Romantic North India & Nepal
Uttar Pradesh
North India

A twelve days to two weeks sojourn taking you through Forts, Palaces and erotic love temples of Khajuraho. The mighty Himalayas in...

Forts, Palaces & Tigers
North India

In Rajasthan, the forts of Jaipur & Chittaurgarh, the palaces & lakes of Udaipur, and the Ranthambhore National Park known...

Innocence By The River
South India

"The God who made Kerala, had a green thumb" goes a local saying. A paradise on Earth with palm-lined beaches, steamy jungles, pla...

A Celebration Of Life
Western & Central India

The state of Gujarat with its long coastline has attracted seafarers through the ages, lured by the rich prospects of trade. The A...

Narmada Valley Tour
Western & Central India

They say that Ganga comes to Narmada every year, black with pollution, to purify herself and return to the North cleansed once aga...

Land Of The Rising Sun
East India

"The Land of the rising sun", India's easternmost state is named Arunachal Pradesh. The Sun's rays illuminate the high m...

Treasure Island - Sri Lanka
Central Province
Central Srilanka

Stay in Colonial style accommodation as far as possible Colonial Tour, taking in Sri Lankas rich history, fascinating culture and ...

Naturally Nepal
Central State Of Nepal
Central Nepal Region

Explore the cities of the Kathmandu Valley steeped in culture, history and art. Visit the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan and B...