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Tribal Packages

A Celebration Of Life
Western & Central India

The state of Gujarat with its long coastline has attracted seafarers through the ages, lured by the rich prospects of trade. The A...

Narmada Valley Tour
Western & Central India

They say that Ganga comes to Narmada every year, black with pollution, to purify herself and return to the North cleansed once aga...

Land Of The Rising Sun
East India

"The Land of the rising sun", India's easternmost state is named Arunachal Pradesh. The Sun's rays illuminate the high m...

Tribal Odyssey
East India

Venturing into Orissa's tribal heartland is a true off-the-beaten-track adventure, allowing you to meet people with social, c...

Panoramic Bhutan
Western Bhutan Region

Bhutan is not for travelers who expect five star accommodations and world-class cuisine, but rather for adventurers who are hardy ...

Essence of Bhutan
Western Bhutan Region

On this small but Complete journey through Bhutan we experience the highlights of this remote and culturally rich kingdom. With ti...

The Mystic Himalyan Tour
East India

The Mystic Himalyan Tour | Sikkim - Darjeeling Luxury Vacation Package : Time & Again excursions...

Eastern Paradise
West Bengal
East India

Essence of Kolkata and Tropical Orissa has much to offer the traveller. Orissa prides itself on being a rich realm of culture and ...