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Capital City:
2.275 million
Geo Location:
North East
16,579 sq km
Average Climate:
Summer: 15°C – 30°C
Monsoon: 18°C – 32°C
Post-monsoon: 10°C – 23°C
Winter: 08°C – 22°C
Best time to visit:
October to April


About Nagaland

Nagaland is an Indian state in the far north eastern part. It borders the state of Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Myanmar to the east and Manipur to the south. The state is inhabited by 16 major tribes, each tribe being unique in character with its own distinct customs, dress and language. Remote Nagaland is inhabited by a variety of Tibeto-Burmese peoples, the largest groups being the Aos, Angamis and Konyaks. These Nagas were once headhunters, but the practice was abandoned two generations ago. In the year 1816, Assam was invaded by Myanmar, following which Myanmar controlled the place from 1819 to 1826. In the year 1826, the British started ruling over this region. By the year 1892, the entire Naga region excepting the Tuensang area was under the control of the British. The British rule brought an end to the massive bloodshed and inter-regional conflicts. 
Post India's independence, Nagaland remained a part of the state of Assam. The state is mostly mountainous except those areas bordering Assam valley. Mount Saramati is the highest peak with a height of 3,840 metres and its range forms a natural barrier between Nagaland and Burma. The state of Nagaland is extremely charming, lovingly and beautiful. It is home to several tribes and has much to explore. The terrains of the state are very attractive. One must visit Naga City to experience nature, lavish blossoms and coy rivers making their way through the rugged terrains. And if hectic monotonous lifestyle suits, then Nagaland tourism offers much. Whether venture to the villages just a few hours from Kohima, or to the far-off districts, one will surely come across by the fascinating tribal colorful and unusual village life. Main tourist places of Nagaland are Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, Mon and Wokha.      

Cities to visit

A small pleasant town surrounded by hills, Kohima is a district of Nagaland state and home of the Angami Naga tribe. Kohima is situated at an altitude of 1500 m and the town is located on the top of a high ridge as the town serpentines along the top of the mountain ranges as is typical of most Naga settlements. The city is famous in history for World War II of the decisive...
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Mon is a town of Nagaland and is situated at an altitude of 2,945 ft above sea level. It is 357 km from Kohima. The district was carved out of the Tuensang district (Nagaland) on 21st December 1973. The town with the exception of the foothills is hilly area with steep slopes. It is a land of the Konyaks (who are most well known for being former headhunters). Historically, the Konyaks of Mon d...
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Phek is district headquarter and home of Chakhesang, which is combination of three tribes: Cha, Khe and Sang of Chokri, Khezha and Sangtam respectively. The Chakhesang tribe’s culture and customs is very different from that of other Nagas. The town is carved out of the district of Kohima on 21st December, 1973, Phek derive its name from the term `Phekrekedze’ which refers to the w...
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