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Phek City

Average Climate:
Summer: 20° C – 32° C
Winter: 09° C – 25° C
Best time to visit:
October to April

About Phek

Phek is district headquarter and home of Chakhesang, which is combination of three tribes: Cha, Khe and Sang of Chokri, Khezha and Sangtam respectively. The Chakhesang tribe’s culture and customs is very different from that of other Nagas. The town is carved out of the district of Kohima on 21st December, 1973, Phek derive its name from the term `Phekrekedze’ which refers to the watch tower. The town is rich in the presence of flora and fauna and is enveloped with wooded hill slopes, The district is drained by the waters of the Rivers Sedzu, Tizu and Lanye. The district of Phek retains the cultural heritage of the land that is reflected in the cultural extravaganzas of Phek.  Other than terrace cultivation, salt making, wood, bamboo carving and weaving are other means of livelihood of the people here. Phek town is famous for colourful festival 'Tsukhenyie'. Phek offers tourist enthusiasts a mixture of both natural beauty and culture.

Tourist Attractions

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Shilloi Lakes

s It is one of the most famous tourist place in Phek. Sillio Lake is a beautiful, charming water body shaped as a footprint. Locally it is also known as the Latsam. Location of this delightful lake makes a visit to it worthwhile, as it is located on the lower slopes of the Patkai Range which borders Myanmar. The lake has an area of 0.25 to 0.30 sq. km and depth of 4 metres. 

Khezhakeno Villages