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Confused ?? Looking for answers !! Let us show you the way. You'll get answers to all your questions out here.

1.  Why use a travel agent or agency?

2.  What about the many online and well known booking websites?

3.  When should I book my trip?

4.  I am ready to book, what should I do?

5.  Do I have to pay in full right now?

6.  What are my payment options?

7.  Can I change a name on my travel documents?

8.  What sort of documents do I need to travel?

9.  Can I travel on a one way ticket to any country?

10.  How much luggage can I carry with me?

11.  Can I purchase insurance for my trip?

12.  Where do I get a passport application?

13.  Where do I obtaining visas for travel to the countries I am visiting?

14.  Do I need shots & immunizations before starting my trip and during the trip?  

15.  How much money should I carry with me and where do I exchange my Currency?

16.  How do I access banking in the country I am traveling to?

17.  What about my Safety and Security while traveling?

18.  Do I really have to worry about drinking water on my trip?

19.  Which food is safe to eat while on tour?

20.  Are there any Cultural tips and taboos?

21.  What sort of Dress and shoes should I wear?

Time & Again Excursions, Inc. wants you to have the best possible travel experience. On this page you'll find information that will help make your travel hassle-free. Click on the topics to the right for detailed information and let us answer all of your travel-related questions before you leave home.

Deposits: ALL DEPOSITS FOR ALL TOURS ARE DUE WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF RESERVING YOUR TRIP: Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. Exceptions may occasionally occur depending on tour features and/or space available. Trips booked within 60 days prior to departure must be paid in full upon confirmation.

Cancellations:  Time & Again Excursions, Inc.’s cancellation policy is with more than 90 days prior notice before the trip, full refund is available, with 89 -61 days’ notice, an in-house credit is available less any non-refundable expenses. No refunds on any trip cancelled within 60 days prior notice before the trip. We recommend purchase of third-party insurance, available from Time & Again Excursions, Inc. for any trip over $150 to cover the costs of cancellation.

Reservations: Advance reservations are required for all tours.

Baggage: Most private transportation and taxi service in the destinations we offer have smaller size compartments for luggage. If you bring excess luggage you may require more than one vehicle to transfer your luggage.

Gratuity: Gratuities for hotel maid services, tour escort, driver and sightseeing guides are not included. Gratuities are voluntary and to be based upon you receiving excellent customer service. The industry standard recommended gratuity per driver / partage is $2.00 per traveler per tour day, Local guides is $5.00 per traveler per tour day & tour escorts is $ 10.00 per traveler per tour day, but again, they are at your discretion.

Insurance: We highly recommend you purchase Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance at the time of booking to protect you against losses in the event of an emergency causing you to cancel your trip or circumstances resulting in your return home in the midst of your trip. Trip insurance must be requested at the time of initial deposit to be valid and must be mailed directly to the company within 48 hours of your booking.

Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol is permitted in most of the locations we book. Minors from the USA (age 21 and under) will be responsible for any legal issues arising out of drinking alcohol on the trip.  

IMPORTANT: We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs, weapons and unruly behavior.

Hotel Accommodations: All prices, unless otherwise noted, are based on two persons in a room paying full rates.

Time & Again Excursions, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary and modify any part of it due to reasons beyond our control but will, as often as possible, maintain the same level of products/services on changes.