Top 5 places where you can spot tigers in India

The fierce beauty of the big cats has always held a mystical charm for naturalists, photographers, nature lovers and tourists. India is one of the chosen grounds for tigers as the humid luxuriant jungles provide perfect environment. While delving deep into the jungles may not be the safest option, the presence of incredible national parks that allow for fascinating Tiger tours is both safe and thrilling. Experiencing the feeling of watching the majestic beast in its natural environment will leave you with priceless memories. Here are the top 5 national parks in India that offer maximized chances of tiger spotting.

Kanha National Park

The exquisite Kanha National Park will remind you of the enthralling world created by Rudyard Kipling in his timeless “Jungle Book”. There are vast open meadows in the park which translates into a strong chance of spotting tigers in the open with excellent visibility. Its not difficult to imagine the sprightly Mowgli jumping around the trees and the roar of the beast conjures up images of Sher Khan. If you are an animal lover, then you will be delighted to see the abundant scope of fauna that Kanha offers. You get to spot the mischievous langur, gaur, chital, striped hyena, wild pig, jackal, porcupine, ant eater, black buck, chinkara and ant eater.

Its recommended to book an elephant jungle safari and approach the reserve from the Mukki entrance. If your focus is just on tigers, then you can also opt for the tiger show in which elephant’s block tigers from all sides so that tourists can get a look.

Best season for tiger tour/ spotting here is between April to June. You can fly down to Jabalpur Airport and then drive down to Kanha which offers multiple accommodation options.

Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka

If exotic animals enthrall you then Nagarhole National Park will captivate you. Besides the option of tiger spotting (which has seen a 5% increase) this lush forest is home to the fierce King Cobra, otters, sloth bears and golden antelopes. The Nagarhole has a royal lineage as it was ruled by the Lingyat monarchs till 1850 and its fauna shows a distinct regal touch. Leopards, wild dogs and tigers all thrive in this jungle and the resort near the park offers the last word in luxury wildlife tour.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra

Tadoba has managed to protect itself from the common hordes of tourists by its lack of explicit advertising. Only passionate animal lovers, naturalists and tiger enthusiasts are familiar with Tadoba which has recently seen a sharp spike in tiger spotting. Other varieties of animals like the magnificent leopard, serpent eagle, honey skinned buzzard, jungle fowl, grey headed eagle abound in Tadoba along with over 195 species of birds. The Jeep Safari conducted at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve offers an unbeatable Jungle Safari experience.

Ranthambore National Park

If opulence and drama thrill you then look no further than Ranthambore….the famed playground of thee big cats. 9 out of 10 photographs you have seen in travel mags are likely to have been shot at Ranthambore. The park sprawls across 1334 square kms and is always buzzing with photographers. The erstwhile Rajahs of Jaipur used to hunt here and in 1960 the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip shot a tiger in this park. The distinctive feature of this park are the royal ruins of forts dotting it and tigers are often seen picturesquely seated around them. If you are lucky on your luxury wildlife tour you can also spot other animals like crocodiles, sloth bears, jungle cats, hyenas and the Indian fox.

Don’t miss out the lovely trio of lakes while you are in Ranthambore; Padam Talao, Milak Talao and Raj Talao.

Jim Corbett National Park

Nature lovers can doubly rejoice at the chance of glimpsing the magnificent cat along with breathtaking vistas in India’s oldest tiger Reserve; the Jim Corbett Park. In Mid 1950 the park was named after forest conservationist Corbett. The location is superb as the forest reserve nestles in the Himalayan foothills with an abundance of luxuriant sail forests and mossy marshes. The other animals to watch out for in the Jim Corbett National Park are Jungle Cats, Jackals, Himalayan Tahr, barking deer and Chital.

The grasslands on the eastern side of Corbett Park along with Ramganga river are the best zones to spot tigers and wild elephants. You could stay in ims Jungle Retreat that offers an eclectic experience in luxury wildlife tours.