Wildlife Tourism in India – A Treat for Inbound Travellers

Wildlife tourism is more than a catch phrase for foreigners visiting India. It is one of the most vital fascinations we behold when travelling in India. India offers a spectacular array of wildlife packages and inbound tours have over the years been the best means of discovering the enigmatic country. India is a country of great bio and geographical diversity. Foreigners from across the world swarm this nation for its mesmerizing wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, forest reserves, flora and fauna and the like.

If you are a luxury tent lover, or prefer camps or Himalayan home stays, India’s wildlife experience reigns supremely with elephants, tigers and birds in flight. Well, how enticing is it for you to follow the pugmarks and strike a rendezvous instantly with your camera? India gives you an experience to wake up to the herds of elephants that are synonymous to imperators of the jungle, while the holy grail is to get a glance of the royal of the cats, the elusive wild tigers.

When you have explored the infinite corridors of Kanha, and resolved the mysteries of Corbett and Pench, you know you have arrived! If you are too avid to walk the wilderness, make sure your eyes are glued on the forest and your ears are always awake. While you tread the paths, you can read their eyes crying out to you as if saying,  ‘Our speechless sounds do not make voice to be understood, but some wanderers of the nature from amongst you do understand some of our plights, understanding the expressions of our eyes and behaviour and troubles that we have faced, our idyllic haven has been metamorphosed and trampled upon, we have been a part of your clever agendas and we fall prey to your utter indifference, there must still be so many plans to be processed’.

When you want your eyes to witness the land of the man eating lions and untamed rhinos, you must know that the narrow tracks covered with thickets of palm, acacia woodlands and the riverine vegetation reduced would make you believe in stronghold horizons.

There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries present across the country. Through wildlife tours, inbound travellers can enjoy a peek of endangered and elusive species like Nilgiri Tahr, Bengal Tigers, Elephants and Asiatic Lions. Some of the most frequented and famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India include Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Kaziranga National Park, Sasan Gir Forest Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar National Park, Sariska National Park, Kanha national Park and much more.