The Quest for Indian Gods – An Ardent Journey

India is a major attraction for the spiritual journey it bestows. It beckons pilgrims from across the globe. The one who has no form but everything in it, that who has a start or an end, neither direction nor depth, we call him God. In India, we believe we have about 33, 00, 00,000 Gods according to Indian mythology.

For devout Hindus, a trip to the holy temple town Dwarka in Gujarat is no mere journey, but a yatra, a spiritual pilgrimage. One of the 4 dhams, it is a transition to self discovery.
A land of myth and legends, coveted since antiquity for its spirituality, Dwarka has attracted great saints and pilgrims including Adi Shankaracharya, Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, Kabir and Nanak. The place is home to numerous temples, the most significant being the Dwarkadhish Temple with breathtaking architecture.
Dwarka, which finds numerous mentions in myths, legends and sacred and ancient texts, has the distinction of being rebuilt six times after being consumed by the sea.

Some other holy shrines in India where Indian Gods dwell are the snow capped mountains of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Amarnath. In the central part lie Varanasi, Prayag, where the Kumbh Mela is held and Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. In the east lies Puri, famous for the Jagganath temple. In the south are Rameswaram and Kanyakumari lies in the west.

The undying, the beyond the sky, the one who holds the world, the Creator the gentleness and the softness, the innermost soul of all creatures, Gods in India hold a meaning much beyond the celestial definition. In fact spirituality is not just a word of worship but the life blood of the nation. Colourful, vivid and over the top, Indian Gods specially Buddha, Shiva, Yama, Vishnu, Krishna, Indra, Brahma, Varuna, Durga, Maitreya are the eternal deities whose mighty deeds make Puritans foam at the mouth.

Gods in India wave exotic objects and do the cosmic dances. They have several reincarnations and have reigned over demons. The Devas or Indian Gods possess superhuman strength, stamina, longevity and resistance to harm. They are exceptionally long-lived and do not age upon reaching adulthood and do not die by any conventional means. They are immune to all Earthly ailments. If a Deva were somehow wounded, their godly life force would enable them to recover soon. To raise your awareness about the Indian Gods, the three writings can help enlighten you, the Rig Veda, The Bhagwad Gita, and the Ramayana!