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169964 (Approx. 7 KM Radius)
Average Climate:
 Jan to April: 27°C -29°C
 May to Aug: 29°C - 28°C
 Sep to Dec : 28°C - 27°C
Best time to visit:
Summer: November - April
Winter: May – October

About Wadduwa

Wadduwa is situated in the western coast of Sri Lanka. The Wadduwa is famous for its rich cultivation of coconut palms and its large producer of toddy and vinegar. The Wadduwa is surrounding by water and is famous for water sports like windsurfing, beach volleyball. It’s also home to the thousands of palm trees, which always provide a welcome shade of picturesque sight for a memorable beach holiday in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. There is some ancient site such as Buddhist temples. The Wadduwa is still a working fishing village. The fishermen stroll down to the boats as they bring in the day’s catches. It also has a number of boutiques and Jewellery shops. There is a bar and restaurant which adds to the charm of this beachside resort. The tourists mainly visit Wadduwa due to its good atmosphere and also to escape crowded and full-on resorts. There is a mix of shops, selling traditional handicrafts such as fierce looking masks and colorful wood carving. If the tourist is well travelled, the person will find something new and exciting here in Wadduwa. There are some popular product which are made by coconut fibre such as broom, carpet etc.