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Polonnaruwa : The Cultural Triangle

Average Climate:
Summer : 20°C - 27°C
Winter :    15°C - 25°C
Best time to visit:
May to September

About Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa is located in the in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka it is one of the ancient capital city by King Vijayabahu in 1970 by defeating the Chola invaders. A UNESCO world heritage site the ruins of royal palaces to bathing pools and ponds, temples, to the fauna and foliage of the area, this quaint historical city is ideal for a sightseeing and adventure. The Polonnaruwa is close to elephant-packed national parks only adds to its popularity. And the town itself makes a pleasant base for a day or two, fringed by a huge, beautiful tank with a relaxed ambience. The polonnaruwa have green environment, amazing ancient constructions Gal Vihara, Vatadage and Thuparama image House are some of the best-known landmarks, whilst there are many others to be seen, to explore, hundreds of ancient structures - tombs and temples, statue and stupas.

Tourist Attractions

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Archaeological museums

s The museum comprises of several rooms, each dedicated to a particular theme: the citadel, the outer city, the monastery area and Hindu monuments. His latter room contains a wonderful selection of bronzes including some outstanding Shiva statues. One depicts Shiva, ringed by an aureole (celestial arch), performing a cosmic dance while trampling on a dwarf; the second depicts a seated, four-armed Shiva bearing a battle axe. A UNESCO world heritage site exhibits finds excavated from the medieval city of Polonnaruwa. 

Gal Viharas