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Average Climate:
Summer: 21° C – 41° C
Winter: 17° C – 33° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram (Mammallapuram or as it's otherwise called), the Unesco World Heritage site was once a major port-city which was built in 7th century by the Pallava king, Narasimha Varman I. It was the second capital of the Pallava Empire. It was firstly named after the discourteous, unkind, and arrogant King Mahabali who was killed during a violent battle by Lord Vishnu at that place. It was named by the people more out of appreciation that the cruel king was killed there than out of admiration for his management and leadership. Mahabalipuram sited bang on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, extends across a boulder-strewn landscape and comprises rock-cut caves and monolithic shrines, structural temples and huge bas-reliefs that are considered the greatest examples of Pallava art. Mahabalipuram is the pick of the beaches on India's east coast. It's got a thriving backpacker scene, but is also popular with tourists who come to relax at the resorts there. 

Tourist Attractions

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Five Rathass

s The Five Rathas, also popularly called as Panch Rathas, is a set of rock temples. Rock temple occupies a stunning position on a rocky outcrop between the beach and a lagoon. Built by the Pallava rulers in the seventh century the complex comprises of 14 cave-temples, nine monolithic "Rathas", three stone temples and two relief sculptured  rock panels. People coming for Mahabalipuram sightseeing also come here to visit this beautiful place. These temples are the brilliant examples of the development of Dravidian style architecture. These temples are constructed in the similar shape as pagodas, and look like Buddhist shrines and monasteries. These two rock-panels give a graphic description of Arjuna's penance when he prayed for the powers of Shiva and form the largest Bass Relief in the world. It draws the attention of large number of visitors and is the major attraction of not only the city but the entire region.

Shore temples



Vivanta by Taj - Fisherman's Cove


Nestled in a Bay thats surrounded by 40 acres of Casuarina trees, Vivanta by Taj - Fisherman's Cove, built on the ramparts of an old Dutch fort, remains the charming beach resort that's almost one with the Bay of Bengal. Modern European and Scandinavian architecture marks the stylish cottages and villas. Relax in leisu...

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay


Radisson BLU Resort Temple Bay located along the shores of Bay or Bengal at Mamallapuram is 65 km drive from Chennai. This seaside town is an acclaimed World Heritage Center with centuries old historic monuments and temples. Radisson BLU Resort Temple Bay, easily the most visited luxury resort, provides accommodations on beach f...