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Average Climate:
Summer: 26°C – 35°C 
Winter: 21°C – 28°C 
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Pondicherry

Pondicherry a Union Territory of India and the former capital of French territories in India was established in 1674 by Francois Martin. The town lies on the coast of Tamil Nadu. Its ancient history dates back to the Vedic era; the Romans traded here and so the Dutch and Danish, but it was the French – who purchased the town in the late 17th century, only relinquishing their hold in in 1954. Pondicherry was originally divided by a canal. The town is laid out in a grid pattern, with parallel streets cutting across each other at right angles. The Tamil name is (Puducherry), which means 'New Town' and it is also known as 'The French Riviera of the East'. Puducherry is one of the most popular tourist spots for national and international tourists. 

Tourist Attractions

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Sri Aurobindo Ashrams

s Located in the heart of the city, Aurobindo Ashram draws a global mix of ardent devotees and ordinary people searching for peace or looking to improve their meditation skills. The ashram was set up in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo, a religious philosopher who played an active role in the Indian Independence movement. His teachings were preserved by his French companion, who became to be known as 'The Mother'. While it is possible to enter the main Ashram building freely during visiting hours, some sections of the Ashram require that one obtains a pass before being allowed to enter.  


Raj Nivass

Pondicherry Museums



Palais de Mahe


The property is 2.5 km from Aurobindo Ashram and Museum and 12 km from Auroville. The Puducherry Railway Station is 2 km while Puducherry Airport is 6 km. The architecture of this beautiful boutique hotel is in keeping with the French colonial style of the region. It has 18 luxurious suites, a lovely courtyard with a swimming po...

Hotel de l'orient


The colonial mansion of De L'orient, Pondicherry has been carefully restored into a luxury hotel, keeping intact its quintessential old world charm, supplementing that with modern comforts and luxuries. One of the best known Heritage Hotels in Pondicherry – Hotel De L’orient captures the essence of coastal Pondi...

Maison Perumal


Located in the Tamil Quarter of Puducherry is Maison Perumal, an age-old home that brings alive the ethos of a French colony of the 18th century. Verandahs and sit out areas speak of the Tamil heritage while the arched windows and stylized colonnades reflect their French colonial ancestry. 10 rooms of quiet elegance, of which tw...