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Average Climate:
Summer: 20° C – 40° C
Winter: 12° C – 30° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Hampi

In northern Karnataka, on the banks of the River Tungabadhra, lies the city of Hampi, capital of the great Vijaynagar Empire from the 14th century and one of India’s archaeological highlights. The city was destroyed in 1565 after the Battle of Talikota in which the Vijayanagar army was defeated by the Bijapur confederacy. Hampi is around 330km from Goa, make a highly worthwhile, and popular, side trip from the coast. Many of the temples and palaces in the city are World Heritage site. Main trade of the city is cotton and spice and these contribute to the city’s wealth. The site, which comprises the Sacred and Royal centres, has a superb location with rocky ridges and granite boulders acting as natural defences.  

Tourist Attractions

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Virupaksha Temples

s The ancient temple of Virupaksha, dedicated to the goddess Pampa and her consort Shiva is dominated by 50 m high Gopura. It is the oldest and the principal temple in Hampi, noted for its architecture and has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This temple is located on the south bank of the river Tungabadra. The very origin of Hampi’s history as a sacred place revolves around the myths associated with this temple. The Virupaksha Temple consists of an open pillared hall and a pillared hall, three ante chambers and a sanctum.

Vitthala Temples

Lotus Mahals

Elephant Stabless



Hampi's Boulders


Hampi's Boulders is set in and among the enormous natural boulders that define Karnataka's splendid landscape. The resort is located 7 kms from the World Heritage site of Hampi's Vijayanagar era temple ruins on the banks of the Tungabadara river in the Yamini hills. There's also a gorgeous veranda and a ...