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Average Climate:
Summer: 22° C – 35° C
Winter: 15° C – 28° C
Best time to visit:
September and February

About Badami

Badami formerly known as Vatapi, is a town and headquarters of a taluk (tehsil) by the same name, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. This historic town was the capital of the powerful early Chalukya kings, who ruled the Deccan during the 6th – 7th centuries AD. It was founded in 540 A.D. by Pulakesi (535-566 AD), an early ruler of the Chalukyas.  Badami still retains its majesty. Badami is situated at an average elevation of 1922 ft above the sea level at the mouth a ravine and is tucked in between two rugged sandstone outcrops. The town is famous for rock cut and other structural temples and situated within a horseshoe of red sandstone cliffs, overlooking the green waters of a large lake. The locale of its famous cave temples, made up of two giant sandstone hills. With all the cliffs surrounding the tank, Badami is a nice spot for climbing. Badami was one of the earliest places in Southern India to see a frenzy of temple building activities. Badami is famous for its beautiful cave temples, which are located around the Agasthya Lake that lies at the center of the ravine. 

Tourist Attractions

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Cave Temples s

s There are four cave temples here, and three of them are Hindu and one is a Jain Temple. Badami Chalukyas built Badami Cave Temples – some of the most exquisite Indian rock-cut temples. This group of 4 cave temples have been carved out of the hill opposite Badami fort. The Chalukyan king, Mangalesa(598-610)AD) was responsible for the completion of these cave temples. Nearly 2000 steps have to be climbed to reach the cave. One cave is devoted to Shiva, two – to Vishnu. Fourth cave is Jain temple. Thus Chalukyas, just like several other successful dynasties of Ancient India, demonstrated religious tolerance. 

Badami Forts




Badami Court


The Badami Court hotel sits in pastoral coutry-side 2kms from the noisy town center. Rooms are functional than plush. ...