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Average Climate:
Summer: 25° C – 40° C
Winter: 10° C – 25° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Deogarh

Deogarh also known as Devgarh, is located on the boundaries of Mewar, Marwar and Merwara. It is a city in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan and situated in the eastern side of Aravali Ranges on top of a small hill and a pond at its base. Deogarh is surrounded by rocks on eastern side, Kali Ghati (Aravali Range) on west, Nathdwara Ghats on south and Ajmer on north. It has spectacular animal and bird sanctuaries. Deogarh is enclosed by Bhil villages whose colourful way of life and celebration of festival is unique. There are many stone and granite mines and polish factories near to the city. Deogarh is also has famous school of miniature painting. Some Deogarh miniatures are in the personal collection of the present Rawat Sahib. 

Tourist Attractions

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Deogarh Mahals

s This 17 the century Palace, Deogarh Mahal stands atop a hill and offers a panoramic view of the Aravalli mountain range and the numerous lakes, spread throughout the countryside. Deogarh Mahal was converted into a heritage hotel by the present owner Rawal Nahar Singh and part of the Mahal is still occupied by his relatives who look after the hotel. With its majestic domes, turrets, jharokhas and huge gateways it is a spellbinding sight from the town below. This palace has been converted into a hotel about 3 years ago, by the present owner Rawal-Nahar Singh.

Dashavatar Temple s



Deogarh Mahal


Deogarh Mahal – Luxury Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan was converted into a Hotel by the Deogarh family members.Every room is reflective of a different era, Gokul Ajara, Moti Mahal and Ranjit Prakash room dates back to 1670 AD, and the decor reflects the Rajput era.With its domed ceiling, the Jog Maya Mahal or temple room ensh...