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Sumoor Village

Sumoor Village

Average Climate:
Summer:  02° C – 25° C
Winter: -15° C –03° C
Best time to visit:
June to September

About Sumoor Village

Sumoor village is located in Nubra Tehsil of Leh district. The name of Sumoor village is derived from “Sum-yur” meaning three irrigation channels. The village of Sumoor is located at an altitude of around 10,827 feet above sea-level. Sumoor is situated on the left bank of the Nubra River along the historic Silk Route and can be reached by crossing the Shayok River by the Koyak Bridge. The ruins of the old settlements are located in the upper valley. The major festival of the village, called "Sumoor Chuchik" is celebrated on the 11th day of the 11th month (Tibetan calendar) every year. The main feature of this festival is the performance of a traditional Ladakhi marriage. The main road of Sumoor leads to Siachen belt, world’s highest battlefield. Above the road are the burnt out ruins of the Zimskhang Palace, a former residence of the king of Nubra, surrounded by the tiny stupas filled with thousands of votive clay tablets left here by pilgrims on the Silk Road. The village of Sumoor is famous and also an important stop since the holy monastery named Samstem Ling Gompa is located close to the village. The Samstem Ling Gompa is the most important monastery of Nubra Valley and one need’s to hike for around 45 minutes to reach the monastery. Samstem Ling Gompa belongs to the Gelun-pa sect and about 100 monks live there. Sumoor is frequently visited by backpackers and hikers from all over the world and it’s a village that is more of a religious stop over and a place that hikers and backpackers would love since there are plenty of trails and paths that take one to high altitude villages and temples.