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Average Climate:
Summer: 3° C – 20° C
Winter:  -15° C – 5° C
Best time to visit:
April to October

About Nako

Nako is located in Kinnaur district and situated 100 km from Rekong Peo. It is high on a hillside (about 3600m above sea level). Nako is the highest village in the valley of Hangrang surrounded by barren and dusty landscape. The village is known for its location in Hangrang Valley at Tibet border, beautiful Nako lake and monasteries. Nako village is an important centre of Buddhism. It is called as the gateway to Buddhist pilgrimage and leads to Tashigang and Somang monasteries and a few mythical places. Nako Monastery is located in the village as well as several other Buddhist temples. Picturesque Nako has paddy fields and the houses are traditional mud houses with flat roofs and the entire village is built around a lake. People often visit Nako for cycling and trekking expeditions. Mostly arid, the terrain in and around Nako is a fascinating mix of lofty Himalayas and tiny villages, with mighty rivers gushing through villages. 

Tourist Attractions

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Nako lakes

s It is an oval shape lake surrounded with mountain’s, valley and whitewashed village give a picturesque location. The lake is surrounded by willow and poplar trees. Nako Lake offers not only a soothing view to the nature lover, but also a serene resort to the religiously inclined. To experience the scenic beauty, boating attracts people from distant places during summer while the frozen lake in winter becomes hub for ice skating. Nako Lake is situated is a picturesque landscape, perfect for a visit during the summer season to escape the warm blasts.  

Nako monasterys