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Average Climate:
Summer: 25° C – 40° C
Winter: 10° C – 30° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Jeypore

Jeypore is the largest town after Bramhapur of south Orissa. Jeypore pronounced in Oriya as Joypur which literally means 'The city of victory'. It is over 500 km away from the Bhubaneswar, the capital city. The History of Jeypore goes back to King Vikram Dev's Dynasty. Jeypore Kingdom earlier called as Nandapur Kingdom located in the Eastrn Ghats. The town is famous for the old palaces which mark the rich History of Jeypore In Orissa. It is encompassed by hills of the Eastern Ghats and the more famous Araku hills on three sides like a horse shoe, and the other (western) side opens up to Chattisgarh in central India. Nature has given Jeypore generously waterfalls, dense green forests. It has very scenic surroundings, encompassed by hills on all sides. The territory has rich cultural heritage in the bright days under the powerful dynasties, empires. It is also the business hub for the district and South Orissa. The town is famous for its ancient forts, palaces, serene temples and pleasant climate.  

Tourist Attractions

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Duduma Fallss

s Otherwise known as ‘Matsya Tirtha’, it is located at a distance of 70 km. The 157.5 metres high glittering waterfall that has been formed by the Machhakund River This fall houses the famous Machhakund Hydroelectric project. The picturesque locales at Duduma Waterfall Jeypore are ideal for daylong trips and picnics.

Onukadeli & Lamptaput.s

Bagra Waterfalls