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Average Climate:
Summer: 28° C – 42° C
Winter: 15° C – 30° C
Best time to visit:
October to February

About Baliguda

Baliguda is a town in Kandhamal district of Odisha. The small town on the eastern ghat is also district headquarters. The town is home for many flora & fauna, through the beautiful countryside road full with small mountains of Sal forest. The forests, being mixed deciduous, primarily have a rich growth of Sal trees. It’s also home for the Kandha tribal of Orissa. The tribal groups although have undertaken various forms of odd jobs at present, yet their basic livelihood depend on hunting and cultivation and contributes many precious jungle products. The region comprises of a range of plateaus covering the core crests of the Eastern Ghats. The condition of the earth is very uneven and craggy with vertical slopes. The place takes pride in its natural panoramic view – lush green woods, cluster of hills, tranquil surroundings with a rich endowment of flora and fauna and above all, the tribal societies dwelling in this area. 

Tourist Attractions

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Barakhamba Villagess

s Visit Barakhamba area by foot to some of the remote villages of tattooed faces Desia Kondh tribes. The reason the women tattooed their faces was to make them appear ugly to men from other tribes. These identifying marks ensure they will recognize each other in the spirit world. The women are readily identifiable by their geometric facial tattoos that on close observation bear striking similarity to tiger's whiskers. Also observe the lifestyle of the tribal people of the region.