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Average Climate:
Summer: 13°C – 23°C  
Monsoon: 16°C – 24°C
Post monsoon: 16°C – 22°C
Winter:   05°C – 17°C
Best time to visit:
June – August

About Shillong

Shilling is the capital of Meghalaya it is one of the most popular tourist destinations situated at an altitude of1496 meters above sea level. It is also known as the Scotland of the east. The shilling is also famous for bustling markets, trendy cafes and restaurants, hopping complexes and a pulsating nightlife, its picturesque setting and salubrious climate offer a pleasant escape from the sweltering heat of the plains. Shillong receives heavy rainfalls during monsoon and the rainy season usually lasts longer than in the rest of India. They set up school admits those heather covered slopes the air rang with the sound of the young growing up admits these unpolluted, pine scented environs. The shilling is popular for 18 golf course is the second oldest in India. The town is dotted with fine old churches and lewduh market, the biggest in the north east, is wonderful for a bit of local flavor. Shilling has regular pop and rock concerts, which are welcomed with great enthusiasm by the local youth.

Tourist Attractions

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Shillong Golf Courses

s A beautiful 18 hole course, highly regarded among golfers from all over the world, who come to shilling to test their skill on its greens. The club house has been designed to resemble an English manor. Set an altitude of 5200 ft. the famed golf course was set up in 1898 and is often referred to as the Gleneagles of the east.

Lewduh Bazaars