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Average Climate:
Summer: 22° C – 35° C
Winter: 10° C – 25° C
Best time to visit:
October to April

About Along

Along is a little market town placed against a backdrop of mountains and has the rivers Sipu and Yomga passing through it. It is the headquarter of the West Siang district and located around 150 km from Likabali, which is situated at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The town is famous for its natural beauty, abundant scenery and has pleasant temperate with beautiful surroundings. It is a perfect and peaceful place for a vacation. This beautiful valley locked by mountains on all sides is covered with snow during winters and presents a panoramic view to the delight of visitors. Along at night looks like a wonderland from the top of the hills as hundreds of electric lights glow and flicker over the broad valley. It town can be reached from Pasighat by bus or taxi in 4 hours. Along is also fascinated by the local culture, attractions, the market places and by orange orchards.

Tourist Attractions

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Kazu Villages

s This village is located 2 km north of Along by the name of Kazu, inhabited by the Adi tribe. One has to take permission from the village headman before entering it. Even though it is located near Along and easily accessible, the village itself is far removed from outside life. Kazu is a beautiful little village and an interesting tourist destination in the area. The houses are worth observing as they have a unique architectural form. The locals are reserved and typically keep to themselves, although a talk with the village chieftain can help one interact and understand more about the local culture, art, performances and weaving techniques. The suspension bridge nearby in red contrasting with the blue waters is a great viewpoint.

Patum Bridges



Holiday Cottage


In Along this hotel is heard about a lot. Staying in this hotels gives home like experience and the rooms are very comfortable. The rooms are spacious, clean and well decorated. Meals served is delicious as it is mostly prepared of vegetables produce in hotel's garden. ...