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Average Climate:
Summer: 28° C – 42° C
Winter: 12° C – 25° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Dhar

Dhar known as Dhar Nagari in ancient period and Piran Dhar in mediaeval period, has had the privilege of being of the capital city, both in the ancient and in the early mediaeval periods. This city was established by king vikramaditya of rajput paramara dynasty around 1 B.C. Dhar has its own significance as one of the most culturally rich destinations of Madhya Pradesh. Ruled by the Puaras, this place was a Maratha princely state and acquired the status of a 'Salute State', a sheer royalty during that period. It is a place of cultural and historical appeal of the destinations of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the Malwas region of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar was ruled by the Sultans of Delhi during the Mughal Period. It is picturesquely situated among lakes and trees surrounded by barren hills, and possesses, besides its old ramparts, many interesting buildings, some of them containing records of cultural, historical and national importance. 

Tourist Attractions

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Jheera Bagh Palaces

s The Pawars built a palace at Hazira Bagh in the 1860s just outside the town, off the road to Mallu. Also known as the Jheera Bagh Palace, the complex was renovated by Maharaja Anand Rao Pawar IV in the 1940s. Presently it is run as a heritage hotel. One of the most elegant and forward-looking examples of early modern architecture in north India, it is designed graciously in an unpretentious art deco style. 

Lath Masjids



Jhira Bagh Palace


Originally built in 1865 this exquisitely restored Palace is an exclusive heritage hotel for travelers seeking a unique experience in hospitality. Tastefully designed around natural light and original architecture, the Jhira Bagh offers 15 exclusive rooms in three categories.The gorgeous sprawling estate which surrounds the Pala...