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Average Climate:
Summer: 25° C – 45° C
Winter: 06° C – 22° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Amarkantak

The town of Amarkantak is popularly known as teerathraj, or the 'king of pilgrimages' is situated at an altitude of 1065 m at the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges amongst sylvan surroundings. There are several stories about the origin of Amarkantak’s name. The famous Sanskrit poet Kalidas named the place Amrakoot, as the place contained lots of mango (amra) trees. Later Amrakoot became Amarkoot. Amarkantak is a great pilgrim center for the Hindus, and is the source of two great rivers of India, the Narmada and the Sone. While the Narmada flows Westwards from Amarkantak, the Sone flows towards the East. Among all the sacred rivers of India, the Narmada occupies a unique place. Legend has it that Lord Shiva blessed Narmada with unique purifying powers. This small town with its innumerable temples and holy ponds and bordered with lofty hills and dense forests, is a sought-after destination both with spiritually inclined as well as nature-lovers. 

Tourist Attractions

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Narmada Udgams

s It is a temple built to mark the source of the Narmada and is considered the holiest place in the town. The Narmada Udgam complex houses many small shrines and is considered to be a sacred place for Hindus. The primary shrine is that of the Goddess Narmada herself, where a blackstone Narmada with large silver eyes is ensconced. Right opposite her chamber is important chamber of the Amarkanteshwar Shiva linga, locally said to be a swayambhu (selfoccurring) linga, accompanied by a white stone image of Parvati as Sati. Devotees can be seen bathing, washing or performing rites and rituals in the complex. It is a pious place where one can easily get the mythical stories. 


Kapildhara (Kapil waterfall)s