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Average Climate:
Summer: 25° C – 40° C
Winter: 15° C – 25° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Gondal

Gondal situated 40 kms south of Rajkot is one of the eight first class princely states of Kathiawar Agency during Bombay Presidency. The Gondal state was established in 1634 AD by Thakore Shri Kumbhoji I Meramanji from Jadeja dynasty, who received Ardoi and other villages from his father Meramanji. The rulers of Gondal were Thakurs of the Jadeja dynasty who had the right to an 11 gun salute. They bore the title 'Thakur Sahib' from mid nineteenth century onwards. Once a princely state replete with history and tradition, Gondal was infused with the modern spirit by the visionary ruler Sri Bhagwatsinghji. It was modernised by His Highness Thakore Shri Sagramji who ruled from 1851 to 1869 and became a first-class princely state in 1887. In the late 19th century and early 20th century the present state of Gondal under the rule of Maharaja Bhagwat Singhji saw various developments who introduced various social reforms and planned the development of the Gondal town.     

Tourist Attractions

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Naulakha Palaces

s It is the oldest and the most beautiful palace in Gondal dating back to the 17th century. This palace is situated on the banks of the river on a grand masonry base, rising about 30 meter above the river bed.  This palace is an architectural marvel with stone carvings, exquisite balconies, a fabulous pillared courtyard, delicately carved arches and a unique spiral staircase. The large chandelier-lit court house witnesses stuffed panthers, gilt wooden furniture and antique mirrors. The former living quarters of the palace have been converted into a private museum.

The Royal Garagess

Riverside Palaces



Orchard Palace / Riverside Palace


Located in huge complex of fruit orchards, lawns and gardens, the Orchard palace is a wing of the Huzoor palace(the present royal residence) where the ruling family of Gondal entertained personal guests including relatives from other princely states of Gujarat. The 7 doubles are beautifully furnished and have modern tiled bathro...