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Average Climate:
Summer: 28° C – 44° C
Winter: 12° C – 30° C
Best time to visit:
October to March

About Kawardha

Kawardha is a city and a municipality in Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh. About 17 km from District headquarters, Bhoramdeo, it is a peaceful, attractive and a very important place historically and archeologically. Kawardha located on the southern bank of river Sakari, was the capital of Nagvanshi kings from 9th century to 14th century. After that this region came under possession of Haihayvanshi Kings who were related to state Ratanpur. Kawardha State was established in 1751 by first Ruler Mahabali Singh. In 1806 the Eighth Guru of Kabeer panth Haq Nam Saheb established a Guru Gaddi here. During the British Raj Kawardha was the capital of Kawardha State. Kawardha is just two hours away from Kanha, nestling below the Maikal Hills. Kwardha offers the unusual chance to experience life at Central Indian village level. These hills were once the core of historical Gondwana, a land of tribal kingdoms and Gond clans many of whose descendants today maintain an animistic and close-to-nature way of life that the urban world can only dream of. The former princely state of Kawardha in which Bhoramdeo lies is itself a Raj Gond dynasty.

Tourist Attractions

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Bhoramdeo Temples

s It is a 11th century complex of Hindu temples dedicated to the god Shiva. This temple was built by King Ramchandra of Nagar dynasty who married Princess Ambika Devi of Haiya dynasty. It comprises a group of four temples of which the earliest is a brick-temple. The Bhoramdeo temple, is carved on the rocky stones in the Nagar style. The main temple here has two parts. One is known as Ishtika made temple and the other is completely stone-carved. The main Bhoramdeo temple is in front of   atranquil and cool lake. The architectural feature with erotic sculptures has given a distinct style akin to the Khajuraho temple and the Konarak Sun Temple in Orissa, and hence the Bhoramdeo complex is known by the sobriquet the `Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh’. The Temple of Bhoramdev has a special attraction for lovers of archaeology and history.

Baiga Tribes

Kawardha Palaces



Kawardha Palace


property was build in the 1930s by Maharaj Dharamraj Singh using the best Italian marble and stone, stands out in the 11 acres of lush green garden. It is more of a private guest house then of a hotel, which is rich in memories style, and history. The specially designed frescoes deciphered with the finest work and rare palace fu...