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Capital City:
24.58 million
Geo Location:
135,194 sq km
Average Climate:
Summer: 22°C – 45°C
Monsoon: 20°C – 35°C
Post-monsoon: 18°C – 30°C
Winter: 10°C – 28°C
Best time to visit:
October to March


About Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a state in Central India and one amongst the landlocked states of India with predominantly tribal population. The state was formed on 1 November 2000 by segregating 16 Chhattisgarhi speaking southeastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is a new state but with an ancient civilization. It is commonly believed that Chhattisgarh takes its name from the 36 pillars of Chhatishgarhin Devi temple (chhattis means `36’ and garh means `fort’).  Chhattisgarh borders the states of Madhya Pradesh in the northwest, Maharastra in the southwest Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the south, Odisha in the east, Jharkhand in the northeast and Uttar Pradesh in the north. Here the hills march in ranks and the forests are primeval. The state has 44 percent of its area covered by forest, however below the forested surface lie some of the richest mineral deposits in the world. Chhattisgarh is gaining popularity not only as a fascinating sightseeing destination but also as an eco-tourism destination of India. The state is full of ancient monuments, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, rare wildlife, palaces, caves, rock paintings, water falls and hill plateaus. Many of these attractions are untouched and unexplored by tourists and thus it offer a unique and alternate experience. Raipur, Sirpur, Jagdalpur, Chitrakoot, Kawardha, Bastar, Chitrakote Falls (Niagra of India ), Indrawati National Park, Kanger Ghati National Park and Achanakmar Sanctuary are some of the main tourist attractions of the state, which has three national parks and 11 wildlife sanctuaries.      

Cities to visit

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary (Amarkantak)
Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1975 and is located 60 km from Bilaspur. It has been declared a Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger in 2009. The sanctuary is close to Amarkantak and the source of the Narmada River. The Maniyari river that flows right through the reserve is its lifeline. Even a short trek through this park reveals it’s amazing biodiversity.&n...
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Kawardha is a city and a municipality in Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh. About 17 km from District headquarters, Bhoramdeo, it is a peaceful, attractive and a very important place historically and archeologically. Kawardha located on the southern bank of river Sakari, was the capital of Nagvanshi kings from 9th century to 14th century. After that this region came under poss...
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Jagdalpur is a city in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. In the times of yore, it was the capital of the former state of Bastar. The history of Jagdalpur takes us as deep into the past as Valmiki's Ramayana. It was the famous Dandakaranya through which Lord Rama is supposed to have passed. Scholars have also identified Valmiki's ashra...
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The Kanker District is situated in the southern region of the state Chhattisgarh. Previously Kanker was a part of old Bastar district. But in 1998 Kanker got its identity as an independent district. The History of Kanker dates back from Stone era. With reference of Ramayana and Mahabharata there was a dense forest area named Dandakaranya and the Kanker state belonged to Dandakaranya. The ancient h...
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Holiday packages in Chhattisgarh

Narmada Valley Tour
Region: Western & Central India
Chhattisgarh, Amarkantak, Dhar, Indore, Kanha, Kawardha, New Delhi

They say that Ganga comes to Narmada every year, black with pollution, to purify herself and return to the North cleansed once aga...


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