“Incredible heart of India” – Madhya Pradesh

Marvellous Madhya Pradesh, the splendoured land is in the very heart of India. It envelopes you with the sense of a great past, as it bears the testimony of virtually all phases of Indian history. You can trace the glorious history through the majestic monuments that tell stories of empires and kingdoms, of warriors and builders, of poets and musicians, millions of memorable memories. The colorful history of the state is studded with the exploits of Emperor Ashoka, the Sungas, Chandragupta Vikramaditya, King Harsha, Raja Bhoj, the chandela warriors, the Delhi sultans’s and the great Mughals. Madhya Pradesh is steeped in divinityand has been an eminent centre of learnig too. Madhya Pradesh is a state with a natural grandeur. Its vast plateau is broken up by the mighty Vindhya and Satpura mountains and is streaked by numerous rivers inclusive of majestic Narmada, Chambal, betwa and shipra rivers. The eastern plateau is densely forested while in the west, the Malwa region is blessed with agricultural bounty with rich crps of wheat and cotton. The largest assortment of wildlife in the country, ranging from big cats to exotic birds. It is also the land for the pleasure seeking, for those who are looking for solitude and tranquility. Its retreats are delightful for quiet walks, trekking and rock climbing.

Unravel the hidden, Explore the unexplored, Travel the Less Travelled in Madhya Pradesh. Explore the untamed natural Beauty of Madhya Pradesh, The Heart Of India. With its bustling culture and ever growing cities, Madhya Pradesh has you in For an experience of a lifetime. Come, Fall in love with the abundant natural Beauty of Central India, Explore the Historically Rich Heritage, Indulge in the Deiverse culture, Venture into the Stunning Wildlife and relish the liberating Art Forms.

Madhya Pradesh is Full of Natural Beauty

Located right in the Geart Of India, Madhya Pradesh is Central to India’s natural beauty and wildlife alike. The Mighty mountain ranges and faunal forests of Madhya Pradesh will no doubt take you by surprise and cast a spell so beautiful you’ll want to keep returning here. Madhya Pradesh is Dotted with a number of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries thar harbour the rare species of India. Be it the Majestic waterfalls or the captivating vindhyan Ranges Madhya Pradesh has a treasure full of unexplored Natural Beauty and Travel Destinations for you to explore.

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Famous Places to Visit in MP

Dotted with innumerable monuments, diverse cultures, abundant natural Beauty, unparalleled wildlife and intriguing arts forms Madhya Pradesh is Home to One of the most fascinating places in The Country. Places That’ll make you into
their own and tell stories of the days gone. Madhya Pradesh is definitely not to be missed when travelling across India. Erotic Sculptures of Khajuraho, Magnificient Fort of Gwalior, Temples Of Ujjain and Chitrakoot, the Cenotaphs of Orchha, World Heritage Sites like Sanchi and Bhimbetka, Tribal Museum at Bhopal, The Dhuanddhar falls odf Jabalpur and the Lip Smacking street Food at Sarafa, Indore are a Few Must Vist Place in Madhya Pradesh.